Personal Training 



Personal training is an investment to ones health and wellbeing. Everyone will benefit from having a personal trainer, from the first timer to those at the top end of their sport.


Jamie's passion in health and fitness, coupled with a degree in sports rehabilitation has led him to become a personal trainer focusing on functional training and exercise rehabilitation. 

By improving your strength, stability and mobility through guided exercises and sports massages, you can recover and prevent injuries and achieve whatever life throws at you. 


Whatever your goals, fitness levels or age you will be able to work together to achieve a healthier you.



Recover, Prevent and Achieve. 



Where to start


First things first. Book your free initial consultation. This first session is all about getting to know each other, discussing your goals and how we plan to achieve them. Once we've figured this out, we can do a variety of functional health and fittness tests to see where to start. 


Then its time to choose the location of where you would like to train.


Jamie's mobile Personal Training is based in the Dengie region in Essex, bringing bespoke training programmes right to your doorstep. We can train where ever you would like, Jamie will bring all the equipment required for a concise and effective training session.

(Jamie operates in the Dengie region in Essex including Southminster, Asheldham, St Lawrence, Bradwell on Sea, Steeple, Ostend, Althorne, Mayland, Burnham on Crouch, Latchingdon, Maylandsea, Mundon and Maldon.)



If you prefer a gym setting, we can train at my affiliated gym:

         -Trackside Fitnesslocated in Burnham On Crouch.


Benefits of Personal Training


Some of these benefits include:


  • ACCOUNTABILITY & MOTIVATION - This is the hardest part in achieving your goals. Jamie will be there every step of the way encouraging you to do that extra little bit, coming to your home so you don't even need to leave the house. Rain or shine I can be there to motivate you to keep on track. You will also have set, paid appointments which will also motivate you knowing you have already paid. 


  • EDUCATION - Jamie has years of knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals! By educating you on the best and most efficient exercises to do to get the best for your buck. We can also chat about lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellbeing. This could include sleep cycles, posture at your work and preparing for sporting events. 


  • HELP DEVELOP YOUR ROUTINE - A good routine is the key to success. Planning your personal training sessions and keeping a food diary can make all the difference in achieving your goals. At the beginning of your programme we will make a plan of action week by week, including when you're training and your meal and snack plan for the entire week. 


  • HEALTH & NUTRITION IDEAS - As important exercise is, nutrition and what you eat account for 80% of achieving your goals. Without a well-balanced diet we do not have the building blocks for our body to function and develop effieciently. In the same way as we all look differentl, as does how our body functions; therefore no one diet fits all. I believe that we should all eat as clean and as natural as possible. 


  • TECHNIQUE & FORM - It is always important to have good technique & form so that you are at a lower risk of injury. You cannot beat having a personal trainer right beside you analysing your movement and finely adjusting your technique so that you get the most out of every exercise - simply changing the angle by a few degrees can make a huge difference. 


  • INJURY PREVENTION & REHABILITATION - Some people may shy away from exercise when they have an injury. However, there is always something you can be doing to improve your health. By increasing strength, flexibility and balance in the correct muscles you can significantly reduce the risk of injury. This also applies for those people in repetitive jobs whereby you are either in the same position all day or doing the same movement repetitively. 


  • SPORT/WORK SPECIFIC - Are you an Athlete, elite or amateur? Having a personal trainer can improve your sport. By looking at your strengths and weaknesses we can determine if you need to work on speed, agility or power. I can give you specific exercises and routines to get you at the top of your performance. 


  • EFFICIENCY - Each training programme is designed specifically for efficiently achieving your goals. Coming to you will also cut out the time of going to the gym, so there is no excuse for not having time!! We will maximise your workouts in the least amount of time.