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Karen Williams

5 star

If you are in need of a sports massage, look no further!!! Very professional and certainly knows his stuff - my back feels so much better after one session.

Amanda Forsyth

5 star

Jamie was my best find of 2015!....Have done a couple of months PT with Jamie, and think I can honestly say no two sessions have been the same, so it never gets boring (hard work - yes, boring - No!) He goes out of his way to help, and he even agreed to do early morning training with me at home so I could do it before work - what a star! 

Best of all, he gets you working hard without growling at you like some trainers do!

You won't go far wrong if you book your 2016 training sessions with Jamie.


Scotty Jo

5 star

Very professional, tailoring the sessions to your individual needs. I love (through gritted teeth) that no one session is the same so it keeps it interesting. Jamie is very encouraging and is a great motivator, with his continuing support I know I can reach my goals! Highly recommend

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